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Rent the bike that bests suits your needs and roll around Paros at your own pace. And if you want to explore the island with the help of the locals, take a guided cycling tour and discover the island's hidden routes and trails

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Rent the bicycle that best suits your body type and roll around Paros at your own pace!

Easy Tours

Variable “entry level” cycling routes for people who do not wish to break a sweat, usually along the coast side to avoid stiff uphills nevertheless enjoy the view . Various starting points

Intermediate Tours

Longer and a bit more physically demanding rides that require an average level of fitness or determination. Pace and tour breaks are always adjustable to your needs in order for you to have the best possible fun. Various starting points

Advanced Tours

Only for experienced cyclists who wish to see some advanced and longer routes and don’t mind working hard on inclines Usually for regural cyclists. Various starting points



Paros Cycling is a newly established company, created by people who love two things: Paros island and Cycling. Paros island is located in Cyclades, Greece. We decided to combine our love for Paros with our love for cycling, because we believe there is no greater way of exploring this beautiful island than cycling around it. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible equipment and our cycling experience around the island. Paroscycling Bicycle rentals is located in Aliki which is beautiful coastal village with a picturesque port, located 12km south of Parikia. It is one of the places that has known a huge tourist arrival during the past few years. Most of the tourists seek the peacefulness and the warmness that Aliki offers. Even during the high season where the tourist number is highly increased, the village keeps its traditional character.


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